Monday, August 13, 2012

Hipsta Please

First Day of School Outfit Style #4

-Hipsta Please!-

Hipsta Please

I am not as familiar with the Hipster style, but I did a little research before this and this is my interpretation of Hipster style. I think this would be a fabulous first day of school outfit because everything just pops! Down to the shoes! If I saw someone at school wearing this I would definitely take a second look because their shorts are ombred and cool colored and then their shirt is bad ass (well actually everything about this outfit is bad ass). The lips are bright and noticeable which goes a long with the hair. Soo.. Hipsta Please!

Just to let everyone know where the "Hipsta Please" reference came from. (yes, I love One Direction.)

But this is even better! I found a tank top girl version of the shirt! Buy Here!

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