Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hi everyone who reads this blog. I have been super busy recently. As you guys know I got a job at Pac Sun and ever since then my life has been an interesting turn of surprises. After I got back from New York I was recruited to work at Michael Kors and jumped at the opportunity. Unfortunately, Pac Sun did close but in our last months I got some key holder experience which was awesome. I worked both jobs at the time, but now I am a Sales Associate at Michael Kors and loving it. My senior year is going great because I have wonderful things to keep me busy. I applied to the Fashion Institute of New York so lets keep our fingers crossed that I get in!

I have wanted to get back into blogging because I found a lot of new interests recently and wanted to show the world. I hope everyone has a flawless week and expect a post from me soon!

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