Monday, July 9, 2012


I was reading Teen Vogue today and I saw the issue on Anna Sui, her revamped look to the BEAUTIFUL coach duffle. This bag will not be released until the fall collection for Coach. I love the leather and the detailing such as the tassels. It is also perfect for school for notebooks and textbooks. JUST BEAUTIFUL.
Style: Boho Chic 

Coach Kristen Bag (Aqua)
I was on Pinterest and I found this bag and literally my jaw dropped when I saw it. The color plus the style is just amazing. It isn't on the Coach website but I am on the hunt for it. Right now I am certain I will find it at an outlet which is even better! I will keep you guys posted on my search! This bag would be perfect for school as well. LOVE IT.

Coach Madison Tossed Lace Lindsey Bag
The detailing of this bag is so simple but yet crisp and classy. There is a strap that also attaches that makes it a satchel.  This bag is a little pricey ($598.00), but I think it is worth it because it is durable and also because it is Coach! It comes in another gold metallic color which I really love too! But it seems like people are attracted to the "parchment" color more based on reviews. I love this bag and I am saving so that it can be on my arm! JUST LOVELY.

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