Thursday, July 12, 2012

Olivia Palermo 
-Style Icon Day 3-
Olivia Palermo's style is BREATHTAKING. I often see her outfits when I am on Pinterest and every time I am just  taken back from the outfit she is wearing. Her style is very classy. She never wears anything too short and everything is very classy. Some people they try to dress classy, but they they end up looking more matronly. Going over board with the flats and capris, but Olivia is classy, high society, and fierce all at the same time. I wish I had her closet because I am sure it is amazing with fabulous leather bags, all different types of shoes ranging from high heels to Oxfords, sunglasses galore, and I am sure the best pieces of clothing a woman can own! Oh, how I wish I could just be her for a day so I could wear her clothes! I guarantee there would probably 10 outfit changes that day, maybe more! 

This dress is absolutely amazing. I love the open back!  

This jacket... Oh my goodness! AMAZING

Even though she is wearing shorts they aren't too short and the white button up she paired with them and the flats is very laid back. To add some flare and pop to the outfit she added a dramatic necklace. This is a perfect lazy day outfit. 

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