Monday, July 8, 2013



So recently I have become obsessed with DIY high waisted shorts because I love the feeling I get after because I actually made something from an old piece of clothing and made it modern! I got the inspiration from Bethany Mota's (Macbarbie07)  Buy or DIY video on YouTube. I'll post the video at the bottom of this post. She made me fall in love with daisys and sunflowers too! You guys will see the obsession grow soon. These shorts are my first go at high waisted shorts. I think they came out pretty well. 
My Materials:
Old jeans
Material Cutting Scissors
Daisy's from the Ebay seller "angelnflyt" (4 dollars for a yard!)

I made that cut on the pocket by just cutting a straight line and pulling the threads with the tweezers like I did to the bottom of the shorts. 
I didnt get a before picture but I did save this pocket that I ripped off the back. This was the color of the jeans. I used my mom's old Tommy Hilfiger jeans. I wish I would've gotten a picture of them because they flared out at the ends and ended at the ankle. They were hilarious. But basically what I did was: 
1. Cut 
2. Ripped the pockets off w/ a seam ripper
3. Took tweezers and frayed them 
4. Bleached them 
5. Frayed more! 
6. Sewed on the daisy's

* Don't forget to watch Bethany's video to see how to make these shorts! 

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