Wednesday, July 3, 2013



  Hello to the people that read this blog. I don't know if you guys have kept up with me but I am back for good this time! I have grown so much this year in terms of my style. I am taking more chances and trying different things! I have recently been inspired by different sources. My favorite one recently is Bethany Mota's youtube channel (Macbarbie07). I am close to defining my style but I always think that it is a good idea to be versatile. I never like to limit myself to one thing. So to kick off my return I just wanted to catch you guys up on my interest lately! 

Also wanted to let you guys know that I am employed at Pac Sun now! It's an amazing store with amazing people and the clothes are right up my alley! Another update is that I visited FIDM and I am in love with it! That college is so me! 

New Interest:  

- Skater skirts! 
- Converse (that interest will never fade) 
- Boyfriend jeans 
- Doc Martens 
- Colored denim 
- Denim button ups! 
- Crop tops
- DIY high waisted shorts (Bethany inspired me with her Buy or DIY video) (pictures will be coming soon!)
- Arm candy 
- Printed/ patterned/ colored shorts (THE LOVE OF MY LIFE, I have so many now my drawer won't close!) 
- Maxi skirts 

* I hope you guys are interested! I can't wait to start blogging again! 

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