Monday, July 8, 2013

Post 4th of July Fav Outfits!

4th of July Faveys! 

I just love fourth of July because of the fireworks [of course], but the best part for me is seeing the different patriotic outfits people put together. On the fourth of July whenever I signed into Instagram I was scrolling through so many cute outfits so I decided to post some of them. A few were celebs and others were my friends. So here they are! 
This first outfit is my friend, Jenna's. She is a total fashionista. I love her outfit because everything works together. Her polka dotted crop top is so cute with her high waisted red sailor shorts. I just love those shorts so much because they are very nautical with their buttons (perfect for the 4th!). Her bright red lips go perfect with this outfit and definitely pop. Lastly, her high top converse are my favorite part! They add a  sporty cute look. Her outfit has so many meanings, thats why I love it! 
Crop top: Pac Sun 
Shorts: Together 
SO CUTE. I found this outfit on Pinterest and I absolutely adore it. This outfit goes all out but isn't tacky and still is a little edgy. I am trying to make a high low skirt like this right now! I also LOVE this crop top! They are my new loves! Yay for DIY. 
This is my bestfriend's outfit (picture is from her personal Instagram). I really love her high waisted shorts because the pockets show! Love it. Her crop top is perfect for these shorts because it shows a little bit of her tummy in a cute way! Then she tops it off with white converse. White converse are perfect for any occasion especially 4th of July! Nice job Hana! #MERICA
Shorts: American Eagle
Top: Forever 21
Shoes: Converse
Kendall Jenner's bathing suit is so cute! Its on my list to get an American flag bathing suit! Her high waisted shorts just go great with her bathing suit and body. We also can't forget about her American flag snapback that adds fun and a little tomboy to this outfit. I just love it. She looks like she had a fab 4th. 
We can't forget about the kids?! This was probably my FAVORITE outfit I saw this fourth of July. Her pants looks adorbs on her, denim vest, her cute shoes that I hope come in my size somewhere, and I believe her flower crown possibly might be DIY? I follow  fashionkids on Instagram and this was taken from there. If you love toddler/ baby fashion as much as I do I highly recommend following this Instagram account! Also, if you want to see more of this adorable girl's outfits follow MISS_GABBY_13! 

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