Friday, July 12, 2013


Hey guys! So I had my first day of work at Pac Sun today! It's a lot to learn but I really love the atmosphere and the people that I work with because they're all just as bubbly and talkative as me! For my interviews (I had two) I dressed how I usually would but I made sure it appealed to the Pac Sun's style. I also wore the brands that Pac Sun carries which wasn't too difficult because I LOVE Roxy! So I wanted to show you guys my interview outfits and my first day of work outfit. (by the way you can definitely tell I got a tan from first interview to first day of work! LOL!)
The first outfit I wanted to wear a dress with a bold print to be noticed because it was a group interview.
Dress: Roxy
This second outfit is hands down my favorite outfit in my closet right now. It's modest but shows my curves not making it too matronly and not racy. Then my crochet top just pairs great.You can't see in the picture but there is sparkles woven into the top (thats why I love it so much!). This outfit flatters my body that what I love most about it. I chose this outfit for my private interview because I knew this would be the yes or no interview and I really wanted to make an impact. This outfit [to me}stands out in a different way.
Top: Roxy
Maxi Skirt: Quicksilver Womens
My first day outfit is more laid back. I didn't want to look like I was trying too hard but I stilled wanted to show some of style. Right now I am addicted to pattern shorts so these shorts definitely show me. Plus the design is bubble gum pink. My favorite color.
Top: Roxy
Bottoms: Roxy 

By they way if you guys  want to visit a Quicksilver store with GREAT customer service visit Quicksilver on Powell street in San Francisco! 

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